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What is a PCC (Postal Customer Council)?

A PCC is an organization that serves mailers by partnering with the USPS to deliver impactful, necessary information and education to enable them to navigate the postal landscape and achieve the best results. The Greater Baltimore PCC membership is open to anyone who wants to join.

Who Are We?

We are just like you. We are mailers and printers (or both), or perhaps mailing facilities that cater to businesses that use mail to grow their clientele and their profits. But our membership also includes federal government agencies, small businesses, banks, nonprofits, agencies, colleges and universities and—well, you name it, and we have a spot for you. And let’s not forget our largest partner: The United States Postal Service!

  • Being a PCC member gets you a front seat at the best show in the world – hearing the decision makers and thought leaders in our industry in real-time, discussing the challenges and changes that are before us.
  • Being a PCC member means there are many committees and focus groups you can join so your voice is heard, and you become part of the solution, which is invaluable as we blaze a trail to the future together.
  • PCCs are organizations of volunteers; we are the stakeholders in the USPS, and our voice counts and creates change.

What sets us apart from other mail and industry organizations?

From the Postmaster General on down, the USPS is committed to providing the membership with everything they need to grow mail volumes through best practices in shipping and mailing.

  • PCCs work in concert with the postal system: one of the largest business networks in the nation. This is a team effort, so the exchange of ideas allows you to participate in a workplace structured to make changes and achieve results that translate into concrete gains on your end.
  • We offer opportunities for industry certification that will enhance your résumé and authenticate your expertise.

At local and national events, you will have opportunities to sit down face to face with leading providers of mail and mail resources.

  • The connections available are endless, with networking opportunities at the National Postal Forum, your local post office and the hundreds of educational events held locally and nationally by your PCC and the National PCC.
  • Events are structured to fit your needs: in-person, online training and webinars to name just a few. Everything is designed to get you where you need to be in your business as we support your growth, whether as a brand-new business using direct mail or a seasoned veteran in the industry.
  • On-line resources, exclusively for mailers, are available to help you 24 hours a day.

Sounds great but tell me a little more.

This is your opportunity to be a part of history. Never has postal leadership been as active or committed to our success as they are now. They get it and they get us. Their brand is our brand.

Together we can achieve anything, and now is the time to join a PCC and share YOUR voice and vision. We offer the finest educational events aimed at what you need, when you need it. There are two parts to this commitment. The partnership of the GBPCC and the USPS is one. The other is you–join now, make history, and watch your business grow.

You can register for or renew your membership online or mail your check to Lisa Harris at the address below. Any questions, please give Lisa a call at (410) 347-4493.

Thank You,
Le Gretta Y. Goodwin Postal Co-Chair

Jennifer Hoyer Industry Co-Chair

Mail To: PO Box 2155, Baltimore, MD 21203-2155

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Membership Resources

Baltimore GBPCC Constitution and Bylaws download here