A Message from the Industry Co-Chair

“I count on the GBPCC and the Post Office to be my business partners and they never let me down. Remember this is your Greater Baltimore Postal Customer Council and we want you to succeed. We are stronger together. Mail is alive but changing and we have so much to look forward to. Join today and become a part of the future of mail! Clients often ask me for help to navigate the changing postal regulations and design requirements. If I didn’t have such a close relationship with GBPCC and the endless resources made available to me and my business, I could never be considered the valued source of information that my customers have grown to rely on and appreciate.”

– Judith E. Antisdel, Industry Co-Chair

Our Mission

To engender meaningful dialogue and mutual cooperation between the United States Postal Service in Baltimore, Maryland and those organizations whose business activities, to a large extent, depend upon an efficient and effective United States Postal Service and to initiate and pursue actions beneficial to both organizations.

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