About Us

Who We Are

The Greater Baltimore Postal Customer Council (GBPCC) is a postal-sponsored organization that promotes a business partnership between the mailers of Baltimore and the Baltimore U.S. Postal Service.

The GBPCC has an Executive Committee elected by the membership and they lead the activities supported by member committees.

The GBPCC Executive Committee meets monthly to attend to current business and activities. The meetings are held at the Baltimore Main Post Office.

History of the Greater Baltimore Postal Customer Council

The Greater Baltimore Postal Customers Council had its beginning on July 19, 1961, when the U.S. Post Office recognized the importance of obtaining the assistance of large mailers in reversing the ever expanding trend to deposit mail after 5:00 PM. Seeking ways to get mail into the post office earlier and to develop other cooperative mailing practices, an organization of 100 mailers was formed and named “Citizens Advisory Board”.

A decision was made to change the name to the Baltimore Mail Users Council and the Postmaster was named Chairman. In September 1964, it was decided to form an Executive Committee with at least one representative from each major business, industry, profession and civic category. Mr. Harold G. Braun, Municipal Post Office, City of Baltimore, was made Chairman and Mr. James Creelman of the C&P Telephone Company, Co-Chairman.

In 1972, it was felt the Council needed a complete restructuring to meet the challenge of working with the new U.S. Postal Service. The name was changed to the Chesapeake District Postal Customers Council and for the first time a constitution and bylaws, with which to govern, were written. Committees were formed to handle the day-to-day business of the Council and two forms of membership were offered, Corporate and Associate. Corporate members pay an annual membership fee based on postage used to help finance the various activities of the Council and as a result have voting privileges and are eligible to hold elective office. Associate members are additional personnel from each company, who pay no additional dues and have no voting privileges.

In October 1975, the name was again changed to Chesapeake Area Postal Customers Council. Under the new concept, the Postal Service acts in an advisory capacity while the Executive Committee, under the direction of the Chairman, makes all important decisions and is the driving force behind the Council’s many and varied activities.

In 1982, the name changed from Chesapeake Area Postal Customers Council to Baltimore Postal Customers Council to better reflect the location of the businesses of its members.

Since reorganizing, the Baltimore Postal Customers Council has become increasingly active. It has held mailroom seminars, equipment demonstrations and informed members of new products, services and regulations that affect them.

The Council, working with the local postal officials, has taken to U.S. Postal Service Headquarters petitions for the change of some postal regulations that were decided to be in the interest of the members.

In an effort to make the general membership meetings as interesting as possible using various themes and unique and locally known meeting places, the Council hosts general Membership Meetings, including a Christmas Holiday meeting and a June traditional Maryland Crab Feast.

The PCC also participates in appropriate community events.