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09 Apr

Keeping up with all the news affecting the mailing industry can be a bit challenging at times, isn’t it?

Mail Spoken Here is brought to you by the Office of Industry Engagement and Outreach, Consumer and Industry Affairs; bringing you the latest news on mail coming from the Postal Service.

It is our intent to provide an ongoing news recap of all mailing requirements, Federal Register notices, Postal Bulletin articles, and webinars. We’ll keep you posted on any comment-period requirements, and let you in on upcoming events or changes to standards when the information is available.

National Postal Forum

April showers bring May flowers and the National Postal Forum in Anaheim, CA, on May 17-20. This year’s theme is “Growing Together.” Check out the Session Matrix, and pick out your favorites today. Need help getting approvals and justifications? We can help with that, too. Click here and share this document with your supervisor. The professional workshops, training, and certifications are definitely worth the investment.

Just announced! Like living life on the edge? New York Times best-selling author, Alison Levine, will host as Wednesday’s luncheon keynote speaker regaling us about the time she served as the team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. Additional exploits about how she skied across the Arctic Circle and across a remote route through Antarctica to the South Pole provided the backdrop to her best seller, On the Edge: The Art of High Impact Leadership. Don’t miss out as this amazing woman, who has climbed the highest peak on every continent, presents a compilation of lessons she learned during her various expeditions!

On the Horizon

Looking for an industry webinar on Shipping Services and Products? Make sure you check out the Industry Alert from March 25th. We’re bringing you 10; yes you heard that right, 10 outstanding webinars straight from the subject matter experts. Need more info on Extra Services? We’ve got that. Returns? We’ve got that, too. The new COD Electronic Funds Transfer option? It’s just too cool for words. I could go on, but then you wouldn’t check out the Industry Alert from March 25th, right? There’s something for everyone all the way through August. Put them on your calendar today!!!

As announced in an Industry Alert on Friday, March 27, 2015, the Postal Service is postponing the implementation of new rates until all of the proposed market-dominant changes are approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Did You Know? 

You can find the +4 add-on code for certain Navy FPO ZIP Codes on Postal Explorer? At the request of the Navy, certain FPO destinations require the +4 add-on code to ensure delivery to units with the similar names and ZIP Codes, but that are deployed to different areas. Find it at the top of the Postal Explorer home page under “NEW!!!”

Looking for service alerts on severe weather updates, Mail Service Disruption Report, or facilities status? USPS Service Alerts are updated as needed for residential, business, and international mailers.


Published Mailing Standards Documents

April 2015:

*DMM: Clarification on Content Eligibility for Standard Mail Marketing Parcels (PB, 4/2)

March 2015:

*IMM: U.S. Government Sanctions on Crimea Region of Ukraine (PB, 3/19)

*IMM: U.S. Government Sanctions Programs (PB, 3/19)

IMM: Lithium Battery Terminology (PB, 3/5)

FRN: Clarification on Content Eligibility for Standard Mail Marketing Parcels; Final Rule (3/17)

FRN: Domestic Mail Manual; Incorporation by Reference: Final Rule (3/16)

FRN: International Mail Manual; Incorporation by Reference: Final Rule (3/16)

February 2015:

DMM: Domestic Competitive Products Pricing and Mailing Standards Changes (PB, 2/5)

DMM: Products Mailable at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices (PB, 2/5)

IMM: GDE Wholesaler Program (PB, 2/19)

IMM: International Merchandise Insurance Limit for Three Countries (PB, 2/19)

IMM: Changes to Pricing and Mailing Standards for International Shipping Services (PB, 2/5)

IMM: Burma, Kiribati, and Sao Tome and Principe Establish PMEI Services (PB, 2/5)

IMM: Country Name Changes (PB, 2/5)

Pub 52: Elimination of PS Form 1770, Revisions to SP2975 and Updates to Various Standards (PB, 2/19)

Pub 52: New Mailing Standards for Lithium Batteries (PB, 2/5)

FRN: International Product Change-PMI Regional Rate Boxes Contracts: Notice (2/11)

FRN: New Mailing Standards for Domestic Mailing Services Products: Proposed Rule (2/5)

FRN: Change in Rates and Classes of General Applicability for Competitive Products: Notice (2/4)

FRN: Domestic Competitive Products Pricing and Mailing Standards Changes: Final Rule (2/3)

FRN: International Product and Price Changes: Final Rule (2/3)

FRN: International Service Changes – Burma, Kiribati, Sao Tome and Principe: Final Rule (2/3)

*Red means new additions since the last Mail Spoken Here was issued on March 17, 2015.

For your reference:

FRN: Federal Register Notice

PB: Postal Bulletin

Postal Explorer is a mailer’s resource for all information contained in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), International Mail Manual (IMM), Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, mailing standards Federal Register notices, and the Postal Bulletin.


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